Being active in the summer

As I began writing this newsletter, I heard the ice cream truck as it drove by, playing a few notes from Mozart’s “fleur de lis” on its speaker. The sound of the ice cream truck is a sure sign summer has started. I remember it well from my childhood in Montreal. Summer evenings kids on the street would be playing and cycling and when we saw and heard the truck we ran in to ask our parents for money to buy ice strawberry_ice_cream_cone_0515-1010-1302-3338_SMUcream. Those were the days when we would be out all evening, having to be dragged in when it got dark.

In recent summers I hear the truck  through the open window of my studio as I teach Awareness Through Movement® class. The music from my childhood is a nice juxtaposition to teaching students to be aware of how they lie on the floor and how they are doing the instructed movement sequences. As we pay attention we can do the movements in a playful and curious way and at the same time learn something we didn’t already know.

So what do we actually do during an Awareness Through Movement class?

Regular students appreciate the first instruction – to lie on their back and rest while noticing how their body, and mind, feels as they begin to pay attention. Rests are a critical part of each Awareness Through Movement lesson.  At the beginning of the class it is a time to take stock of where we are and to let go of the busyness we came in with. 

Throughout the lesson frequent rests provide a break from the concentration that doing movements with new awareness and in a new context requires. They also give us time to sense  the impact in our body, and mind, of the new movements. 

Summer is a time for rest and rejuvenation for everyone. However every day is an opportunity to learn something new and the best way in the summer, and throughout the year is in a fun and playful way. You will learn new ways of doing things to help you be active in the summer and to enjoy all your activities without pain.

Register today for one of your classes. You won’t be disappointed and you might get to enjoy the sounds of the passing ice cream truck!

Our classes start July 7 and are already registering quickly!

Three classes a week, all summer long!
July 7-August 26

  • Tuesdays at 10:30 am
  • Tuesdays at 5:30 pm
  • Wednesdays at 7 pm Please do not register for this class as it is now fully registered. Each week there is usually someone who is not able to make it so drop ins are welcome but please contact us  first to ensure there is space. 

Register today. One class is already full! 

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