Better Balance

To get ready for our last Feldenkrais workshop of the spring, Better Balance, on Saturday June 7, try the following sequence which uses movements of the ankles to help with balancing over your feet.
  • Stand behind a chair, holding onto the back of the chair for support (don’t stand too close to the chair).
  • Bring your feet together. Shift your weight a little to the left and then to the right by tilting your whole body, as a unit to each side.
  • Sense the weight shifting to the outside edge of your left foot when shifting left. As you shift to the right feel the weight moving through your whole foot to the outside edge of your right foot.
  • Move slowly and easily right and left. Relax your jaw and breathe easily.
  • Rest – either stand or walk around.
  • Return to the chair with your feet together. Now tilt a little forward and back. Pay attention to the movement in your ankles. Sense the pressure changing from your heels through the middle of your foot to the balls of your feet.
  • After a few movements begin to reduce the amplitude of the movement until you stop and sense that you have good support under your feet.
  • Gradually remove your hands from the chair back and stand for a couple of moments and then walk around. Notice the sensations under your feet, the movement in your ankles and how you feel when walking.
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