Happier Hips and Pelvis: Discover power and flexibility from your pelvis and hip joints

The pelvis is the structural and power centre of your body. It is one of the largest structures and provides the power for many of our everyday movements and activities. It can be the source of joy or an area of challenge and pain, particularly following trauma or an injury compromising pelvic mobility.

The head of the femur (the longest bone in the body) articulates with the acetabulum of the pelvis to form the hip joint. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint and is situated in the area where the femur joins the pelvis (the area of the crease in the groin area), connecting the legs to the pelvis and spine.  It is a sturdy joint because of the tight fit of the bones and surrounding ligaments and muscles.  

What’s important about getting to know the hip joints?

  • The hip joints are of primary importance in shifting and supporting body weight.
  • Hip joints in pelvis; connect torso to legs and support upper body weight
  • The hip joints connect the legs to the pelvis and spine, and help transmit the propelling force from the feet on the ground, through the legs, into the pelvis and spine and all the way up to the head
  • Free hip joints help you turn freely, stand, walk, run or jump more easily, sit more comfortably, and allow you to more easily enjoy your daily activities
  • Injury, and wear and tear of aging can damage this joint, increasing the risk for a femoral fracture or hip fracture. A hip fracture is most likely to be repaired with hip replacement surgery.

We all need to learn how pelvic power can help us stay active and flexible for many years in all areas of our lives.

The pelvis is central. A strong, moveable and alive pelvis connects with the whole body to support comfortable sitting and standing, dynamic walking, and better enjoyment of sports as well as a more vibrant self image. The hip joints help transmit the propelling force from the feet on the ground, through the legs and into the pelvis and spine and all the way up to the head.

Join us at this workshop to learn more about the power of your hips and pelvis!

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the power of your pelvis
  • Understand how to use your hip joints when moving your pelvis 
  • Learn how a mobile pelvis can help improve head and spine alignment to open up possibilities for improved movement, action and a clearer self image.
  • Learn how to feel and sense the connections between the hip joints and pelvis
  • Gently lenghten the muscle groups around the pelvis so that they can be free to move the skeleton fluidly and with maximum hip mobility.

In this workshop we will do several Feldenkrais movement lessons to:

  • Help you learn how to refine your ability to sense and work with the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding muscle structures.
  • Discover how your posture and balance can be improved through more awareness and movement of the pelvis and surrounding areas.

Improve the connections from your hip joints to your pelvis and head and down to your feet.

Feldenkrais Centre Vancouver  Harness the power of your pelvis and hip joints : Saturday March 17, 2018, 12-3 pm $70 +GST

Workshop Registration and Cancellation Policy: Advance Registration is required.  We make a decision to run a workshop about 4 days before the date.  Please register early to avoid disappointment for yourself and others so we do not have to cancel a workshop because of low registration.

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This workshop is fully registered and there is a wait list. Please do not register, email vita@feldenkraisvancouver.com to be placed on the wait list. 

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Harness the power of your pelvis and hip joints. March 17, 2018, 12-3 pm. Etransfer/cheque registration

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