Learning from Adventures in Iceland

I just returned from a series of adventures.

A return visit to Montreal to see family and our daughter perform, onto Hanover, NH for our niece’s college graduation and then to Iceland for a long planned trip with friends.

Iceland is like no place I’ve ever been to before.  The landscape is different and vast; with  lava fields, craters, glaciers, geysers and waterfalls. Each vista was more spectacular than the one before. As we drove along Route 1, the island’s ring road and on secondary roads, we saw sheep, goats, horses, reindeer, and cattle.  We had known about the cold temperatures, the wind and the rain, and it was cold and windy, sometimes so gusty I felt I would be blown away, and it did rain some of the days.  We had heard about the very high prices of lodging and food and that was also true. What I hadn’t fully expected was the absolutely friendly people, the richness of history and culture and the many different experiences we had. As usual, just talking to locals and other travellers led us to one new, unexpected adventure after the other.

What did I learn? That having an open mind is the best strategy when travelling, and in life generally. That each new outing, hike, walk, cup of coffee and meal has something  to offer and that doing all that with friends  makes it all the more exciting memorable. On every hike and walk I tried to incorporate my learned Feldenkrais principles, trying to pay attention to how I navigated fields, mud stairs, rocks and uneven terrain, moving mindfully and focusing on finding support and balance.

Now that we are back, I am glowing in the memories of good friends and fun. As I resume teaching Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes and working with individual clients I am keeping an open mind, asking exploratory open ended questions and am trying to meet each person as if I’ve never seen them or worked with them before.

Trying to keep the vacation mood and light alive!

A few pictures but they don’t adequately capture the magic.


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