Learning to sit with comfort

The current mantra is that sitting is the new tobacco and that too much sitting is deadly. Prolonged sitting, and inactivity in general, is not good for us, affecting our cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems as well as cognitive functioning. But many of us need to sit for periods during the day while we travel from one place to the other, while we eat and while at work.

While we are sitting, we can focus on paying attention to HOW we sit so that we can learn how to sit with more skeletal support.

When I watch my clients sitting, it is clear that each one has a unique way of sitting.  I help them discover how to find more skeletal support not only while they are sitting but when doing any movement or action, to help release unnecessary muscular holding and tension.

Sitting safely and comfortably also means that we learn to sit dynamically; that we know when and how to move, we pay attention to our whole bodies and breathe easily and fully.

In the upcoming workshop you will learn strategies so that when you do sit you will be more comfortable and feel more supported.

Pre registration required. For more details about this workshop and registration information read more here. Or phone 604.729.0060.

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