Functional Integration® sessions are individualized sessions designed to meet each person’s particular needs.
With hands on touch and verbal direction, the Feldenkrais practitioner guides the student to explore existing movement patterns.

Private sessions are available in our Vancouver studio.


If you are interested in a session in Richmond, do not book on line, please call 604.729.0060 or email

Private sessions are tailored to your individual learning needs. The practitioner uses gentle, non–invasive touch and verbal direction to guide you to explore new movement patterns or to refine existing ones. You are fully clothed; movement explorations are done while lying on a comfortable table, or in a sitting or standing position.  Props such as pillows, rollers or blankets may be used to provide support or facilitate certain movements. The learning process is carried out without the use of invasive procedures.

Through the process of guided exploration you learn to review and refine  existing movement patterns and learn easier ways to move and carry out daily, athletic and leisure activities.

Functional Integration lessons are recommended if you would like more individualized attention or would like to experience changes more rapidly. They can be combined with attendance at classes and workshops.

We are frequently asked how many sessions are required. The answer to that question depends on an individual’s goals. Many people will begin to gain a better understanding of their movement patterns and experience positive changes after one session. However most of us benefit from time to explore and learn about deeper levels of ourselves.

We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel a session.