Here is what some of our students have to say about how the Feldenkrais Method has helped them.

Working with Vita at the Feldenkrais Centre Vancouver has been a profound experience on many levels. Every session is a new revelation. The work begins to align and connect you to your body structure on a deeper level. As a vocalist, I have found the Feldenkrais Method® to be extremely beneficial. I recommend this work to everyone!
Vocalist, Vancouver.

I look forward to Feldenkrais every week.  I am becoming more aware of my body and how important posture and movement are to good health.  With Vita’s gentle and clear instructions I feel that I am moving more mindfully with less stress on my body
Retired Teacher

In my brief acquaintance with the Feldenkrais Method®, it has enabled me to make large strides towards the muscular freedom and control that’s a benefit to all but is especially required by us pianists. The instructor is great, the lessons are challenging but never daunting, the principles make sense and, bottom line, it works 

I feel quite better after the class, and it is interesting how my body awareness affects how I sit, stand, and carry  things, etc. I require a lot less effort and I feel better balanced. It was interesteing to be made aware of how I was placing strain on various areas, even when I was “comfortable.”

I have been attending Feldenkrais group classes for several years. At first I found the sessions relaxing but little else. Over time I have experienced a subtle and incremental effect on my mind and body. I have increased awareness of the body´s parts, their functions and how each is interconnected and interrelated. I feel taller with much improved posture.

During my undergraduate studies in performance violin I began having trouble with occupational over use symptoms which severely affected my ability to play and and at times forced me to stop playing altogether. My violin teacher at the time put me in touch with a Feldenkrais teacher and my life has never been the same since!  I can now practice and perform for anywhere up to 8 hours at a time with little or no pain. Feldenkrais has also improved the quality of my playing by making me aware of my body and how all the parts integrate together, giving me a much greater control over my playing.

It’s a joy to wake up in the morning without pain and stiffness. I’m relearning  a natural posture for sitting at my desk without pain. After a few years of practicing the method, I look forward to a daily calm session that produces results similar to a hard workout.

After a few classes of introduction to the gentle Feldenkrais Method® of movement, I´m hooked! I am encouraged by the tiny changes noted afterwards, almost imperceptible, and pleasantly surprised to experience new flexibility of movement. Vita  is an expert teacher who guides her students through these cleverly designed slow motion exercises in a supportive fashion.
Gardening Coach and Floral Photographer

Working with Vita has been enormously helpful to me.  She took care to listen to my concerns. Then she gave me treatment that not only successfully targeted my specific physical symptoms but also gave me holistic healing–something I hadn’t expected.  She also showed me simple practices to help me maintain my health. You couldn’t ask for a better therapist.
Clinical Counsellor

I have thoroughly enjoyed Feldenkrais classes.  My body moves in new ways with an ease and agility that is a constant source of surprise and delight.  Who knew that I could move so effortlessly? Vita did!
Consultant and Author

A couple of years ago, a friend asked me to accompany her to a Feldenkrais class.   I had never even heard of it and was curious since she raved about its benefits. Two years later, I am as hooked as I was from the first lesson.  It is not a miracle cure for whatever ails an aging body, it is a way to reclaim that body, inch by inch, and become more aware of what helps and what does not.  It wakes up your spine, your breath, your limbs; it teaches you how to minimize the pain. It is a wonderful way to do as much as possible with a less flexible or more tired body without hurting it.  I am a fan and hope to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

I attended two workshops at the Feldenkrais Centre Vancouver. Both  helped me connect with my body in a way I had never experienced before. Such gentle yet powerful movements allowing my body to experience a deeper relaxation and ability to move. Vita creates a warm and honouring atmosphere. For me she brought fun and gentleness into my moving from pain to relaxation. I highly recommend her workshops.
DA, Counsellor