Do you have neck, back or shoulder pain that interferes with your ability to be as active as you would like?

Contact us today to schedule your studio consultation to begin your journey to a fulfilling, pain free life.

You will learn how to treat and prevent pain. Feldenkrais can help you boost your well-being through mindful movements and help you rediscover flexibility in mind and body.

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Back Pain

• Sitting is the new tobacco!
• Sitting for too long often leads to back pain.
• We can learn to sit with more skeletal/bone support to prevent chronic back pain and associated problems.
• We can also learn how to stand up from a chair, how to exercise safely, and to do all our daily activities without stressing the back.

Contact us today to schedule your studio consultation. We will tailor a program for you to treat and prevent back pain.

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Neck and Shoulder Pain

• Many of us have chronic neck and shoulder pain, often from sitting at the computer or leaning over our mobile device for hours on end.
• External stress is often manifested in tight or elevated shoulders, neck tension and jaw pain.
• We can learn how to do things without straining our neck.
• It is possible to regain range of motion in our shoulders and learn how to connect the neck and shoulders to the rest of our body.

Let's get started! Contact us today to learn how to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Private Sessions

How can we help?

• We can help you to improve your physical and mental functioning so you can rediscover flexibility in mind and body.
• The Feldenkrais Method® is a learning method, based on our innate capacity to move easily and gracefully.
• Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions are fun and safe.
• During a class or at a session we learn how to change how we move.
• With better movement many other things are possible!

We teach group classes and workshops and offer individual sessions.

Contact us today to schedule your studio consultation We will tailor a program just for you.

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